Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring is here!

With spring in Texas comes STORMS. I love storms. Well, I love photographing storms. I don't love having to worry and take shelter and stuff like that....but if I can safely watch a storm come in or go by, I will be there with my camera. So tonight was no exception. The cap broke, the storms fired up, and I went out to the back porch with my tripod. The lightning was nonstop, but I got bored with it in the back yard because there wasn't much cloud to ground stuff. I ended up with a lot of photos like this:
Bleh. It's ok, it's not great. So I decided I would give the front yard a shot for a minute, just to see if I got anything better. Usually I stick to the back because I have a wider unobstructed view of the sky and I don't have to worry about my neighbors thinking I'm crazy for being outside. Also, if it's dark out the security light is really bright which can mess with photos.

I hadn't been standing that for more than two minutes when it struck - the lightning bolt I had been waiting for. I got it, and I promptly came inside. Behold:
Not long after this the storm finally reached us and they warned us to take shelter, although the major threat was a couple of miles north of us. A couple of miles is a little too close for rotating clouds though, so they need to stay far away.

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