Friday, April 22, 2016

It's Cruisin' Time!

We have been counting down our cruise for just over a year now, and today it was finally time to make our way south to Galveston for the start of our vacation. 

Since Dad decided to join us on the trip, he offered to be the chauffeur. That probably worked out for the best since Nick stayed up until 3 am last night and I went to bed at neither of us was really in a position to drive today. We both napped off and on in the car. We chose Woody's Smokehouse in Centerville to eat lunch. Nick and I had a half of a smoked chicken and shared a salad. Since doing the Whole30 I really, really despise eating non-compliant food. It's so obvious that it makes you feel worse than W30 food does, and it's just not worth eating. But when traveling, you don't have much choice. I think we did ok. 
We made it into Galveston around 4:00 and checked into our hotel, the Days Inn Seawall West. Nice place, not bad. Nick took a nap in the room and I did what people always end up doing on vacation: I went to Walmart. I really did need to go- the capris I was wearing were way too big for me, and the longer I had worn them the worse they looked. I haven't even had them all that long, but I'm not going to complain about weight loss ever. Anyway, I found some nice denim capris that fit just right along with a few other things so it wasn't a wasted trip. 

Our Facebook cruise group arranged a met and greet dinner at Tortuga's on the seawall, so we headed there around 6. People started trickling in and the room got pretty full before it was all over. We enjoyed some conversation and laughs while getting to know people on our cruise. The most random thing happened: we were sitting there and this guy walks up to Nick from our group- we used to go to church with him when we attended College Hill! Small world. 

After dinner we went by Starbucks so Nick could get some coffee and stocked up on bottled water at the gas station before heading back to the hotel.

Nick had intended to try to do a little work or something tonight on his lapto, but the laptop gods would not have it. Apparently his hard drive totally failed, so it's dead. He sent a text to his co-worker about it, who intelligently noted that this was a sign that Nick needs to stop working and be on vacation already. 

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

Now you have reminded me that I need to seek out a Starbucks again soon :)