Friday, July 1, 2016

Colorado Springs, day 5

We had purchased tickets to do a Cave of the Winds tour for this trip. We've never visited here before, and Kate looked at the website and was very excited about getting to go in a real cave. Originally it was just going to be the three of us, but Heather and everyone decided to get tickets to come as well so we all went together.
The tour was really neat, and I think Kate and Olivia enjoyed themselves. We enjoyed the views over Williams Canyon while up there as well.
After the tour we all went our separate ways. The three of us ended up down in Manitou Springs where we grabbed some delicious burgers at Boodad Burger Bar. They have sweet potato fries, which is pretty much paves the pathway into my heart. After lunch I wanted to wander through some of the shops and Kate wanted to go to the park, so Nick took her so I could have some quiet Mommy shopping time. I didn't buy anything, and I didn't even get to look around that long because it started to rain, but it was still a nice break.
We had planned the night before to possibly meet Krystal, the kids, and Joe at the Garden of the Gods that afternoon and walk around together. The rain forecast made that a no-go, so instead we ended up over at Krystal's for a little while just hanging out. We each took turns getting baby snuggles from Padme. Lucas was napping, but we go to chat with Krystal and Joe had come down that morning already so it was nice to just spend some time together.
We left Krystal's house and were heading to the grocery store to pick up dinner when I noticed on the way that although it was still kind of rainy and gloomy where we were, it looked sunny up in the Garden of the Gods area. So we drove over to see if it was clear, and it turned out to be perfect. Kate chose the Siamese Twins formation to hike to, so off we went.

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