Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hot Springs, Arkansas: Adams Family Vacation -Day 5

Last day. The last day of vacation is always a bummer. The fun is starting to fade and the reality of the drive home is real. We didn't have to be out of our house until 11, so there was no rush to get up super early and I think this day was the latest that I had slept in, which meant around 7:45. We assessed the food situation and determined just how much stuff everyone needed to eat for breakfast, and then began the task of packing and loading vehicles.The kids played outside mostly while we did this, because they were not ready to go home anymore than the adults.
We ended up having everything ready to go around 10, so we all said our goodbyes and parted ways at that point. Dad headed off towards Oklahoma, as he was extending his vacation by another day. Jason and Heather headed to Texas and in true Korte fashion, we headed back into downtown Hot Springs. Why be home early? It's just not our style.

We chose a local place on the strip to have lunch called Granny's Kitchen. It was pretty good, but not spectacular. The staff were all very friendly though. I took the opportunity to show Nick and Kate the uncapped hot spring and let them feel the water. We decided to buy tickets for the duck boat, so we boarded and off we went for an hour and a half tour.
Kate said it was okay but not great, so apparently duck boats are not as cool as Mom and Dad seemed to think they were. It might have had to do with her being so hot though, because it was definitely warm. Once we finished the duck boat, it was approaching 3 pm so we decided we should probably head the car towards Texas.
We stopped for a few potty breaks and Munzee hunting along the way, and in Texarkana we stopped at Cracker Barrel again for dinner. We headed straight for home from there, and pulled into the garage just before 10 pm. It was a long day but fun.

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