Monday, July 11, 2016

Scavenger Hunt fun

Saturday one of my photography clubs hosted a photo scavenger hunt down in the Stockyards. We started at 8 am, because it's July in Texas. Because of the horrible events in Dallas which cost 5 police officers their lives a couple of days before the walk, we also had a #backtheBlue photo challenge. Each of us was given a small sign with #backtheblue on it, and we had to walk around and ask people if we could take their photo with our sign. I ended up having way more fun with my sign than I did finding items on the scavenger hunt list, which I sort of forgot about at some point.
 Several officers came through and stopped to visit with us and for photos. Even the mayor of Fort Worth, Betsy Price, rode into the Stockyards on her bike to say hello and take a group photo with us.
 One of the couples in attendance, Ray and Tracee, started talking about something called Munzee that they do and I got interested in what they were talking about. Turns out it is a virtual scavenger hunt where you use an app to search for QR codes on stickers that people have placed all over the place. It's sort of like geocaching, only you just use your smart phone to find a sticker rather than hunt for an actual cache. I used to love geocaching, so I was all kinds of excited about this. Once the photowalk ended, I went with Ray and Tracee for a little while and found some Munzees. I was pretty hooked right away, so I'm excited to have a new hobby for me and Kate. Anything to get us outside and get some exercise is awesome, am I right?
That's my referal QR code if you want to get started on Munzee!