Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve with Yiayia

As per tradition, we spent Christmas Eve at Yiayia's house. We also ate tamales as usual, along with plenty of desserts and other junk we didn't really need, before settling into the living room for a long evening of opening our gifts. Kate had the most, as always. Basically Christmas Eve is predictable in every way except what is inside the box or bag you open, but we like it that way.
 This year Yiayia bought us all Christmas t-shirts to wear for our big family photo. We look great!
 Kate mostly passed out the gifts on her own this year, as she doesn't need help reading the tags anymore. She's growing so quickly.
 It was a late night by the time we loaded up the car to head home. We still had to get cookies and milk out for Santa!

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