Thursday, April 20, 2017

Accidental Gardening

You know how sometimes you go out into your flower bed and pull a few weeds, and the next thing you know you're raking out all the old mulch and heading off to buy new mulch?

Not familiar?

Maybe it's just me. I didn't mean to start a crazy project after taking Kate to school. I really just meant to pull a few weeds and be done with it, but the next thing I know I've got garbage bags out and old mulch is going away.
I spent all morning cleaning out, and then at lunchtime I had to make a run to buy new mulch. Ideally I really wanted rubber mulch because it looks so much nicer but my budget said NOPE and I got the regular stuff again, only this time I went with red instead of black. The black mulch looks really good at first, but after a while it turns a yucky grey and weird white stuff sticks to it.
 It was a ton of hard work, but it ended up looking great and I'm very pleased with myself!

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