Saturday, May 27, 2017

Aunt Krystal Visits

Krystal, Scruffy and the kids made their way to Texas for a long week to visit all of the family that she has down here. Her mom and several siblings live in this area, so we have to share time seeing them with everyone else. Today was our turn to hang out with them. We hadn't seen Padme since she was a tiny baby last summer in Colorado! They arrived early so Krystal could go to REFIT with me and work out. Scruffy and the kids stayed with Uncle Nick and played.  After REFIT we grilled some burgers and ate a big lunch, before playing some more. We actually made Krystal go take a nap when Padme went down for her nap, so I decided to take Scruffy downtown to the Water Gardens to shoot some pics for a little while. He's a photographer too and enjoys that sort of thing. We left Nick in charge while we did that for a bit.
 We came back to the house to pick everyone up and then headed over to Grandma Peggy's and Frank's house to have a sandwich supper. Other aunts and uncles showed up so they could see Krystal and the family as well, and we had a pretty good time visiting before calling it a day.
 We will get to spend some more time with them before they have to go back home to Colorado.

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