Thursday, June 8, 2017

Yiayia Came Home!

Yiayia and Bill spent 30 very long days visiting some friends in Europe. Kate was not pleased with their trip and missed them terribly while they were gone. She cried the first few days after they left, but Yiayia had left some gifts behind for her to open occasionally while they were gone so that kept Kate occupied some, and they were also able to facetime and text as well. She was still super excited when June 8th rolled around and it was time to pick them up from the airport. She made them a welcome home sign:
So we arrived at the airport right around time for their flight to land, which was probably a big mistake on my part because it takes forever to go through customs and what-not for international flights. In hindsight, I shouldn't have gotten us there so quickly, as we ran out of things to occupy Kate pretty soon after arriving.
 I showed her the monitors on the wall and explained which flight we were watching for, so she kept checking it constantly.

 Once they landed, she wanted to stand at the end of the walkway from the international flights doorway...even though I explained to her that it would be a while before they walked through them. We stood anyway, and waited. Every time the doors would open for someone else to walk out, Kate would lean around trying to see the people still back there in line to see if she could spot them.
 Finally her little legs got tired, so after going to the restroom for the third time since arriving we sat at a nearby table to wait. That's when she finally spotted Bill in the crowd and shouted "I see them! I see them!!"
 At that point she became pretty attached to Yiayia and wouldn't leave her side. We had one very happy little girl on our hands.

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