Saturday, April 14, 2007

Surviving the storm

Last night we had severe weather come through. I was the only human in my house - the cat was no where to be found and my dogs were too interested in playing to wonder why I had them locked up in the bathroom. Nick was in Abilene and I was left to figure out what I was going to do if the roof blew off my house.

Imagine me sitting in my bathtub in the only interior room in our house, 2 pillows and a blanket over my head. Now insert a dachshund in the tub with me and a basset hound running around the bathroom because she wouldn't stay in the tub. I had the TV up really loud in the living room so I could hear the weather people from the bathroom. I could hear the hail beating on the house and the tornado sirens going outside.

And then it passed. Whew.

While it was still just raining I went outside with my camera and an umbrella to take some pictures of the golf ball sized hail sitting in my yard. I inspected my car quickly and didn't notice much damage- I still don't have a lot, although there's more than it seemed at the time. But Nick had received a call from his boss letting him know that one of his car windows was broken. So I call Jenn and she met me up there so we could assess the damage and get his car to the house.

Yeah, that's a hole in his window. Awesome huh? I found 3 hail stones melting in the back among the glass.

This was one of the hail stones we found laying nearby in the yard.
Like the quarter? It took Jenn a few seconds to get that to balance on the hailstone. I had never seen hail stones this big before, so I was kind of intrigued by them. Some of them weren't solid white; some were white in the center and more clear around the outside. Some flat, some round, all smooth on one side and jagged on the other. I still have 5 of them in my freezer that I saved for Nick to see. Poor guy; he felt so bad that he wasn't here with me.

I am thankful that I wasn't in the path of the tornado that went through Haltom City but I feel really bad for all the people who have damage to their home and workplaces. I plan on driving over there tomorrow to take some photos.

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