Friday, May 4, 2007

God does listen

Yesterday I lived through one of the top 10 worst days at Home Depot in my entire career there. I was in such a foul mood by the end of the day that co-workers were actually a bit frightened by me and purposely avoiding any contact. The day started at 6:30 am with an incident of complete imcompetence by a fellow employee and just went down hill from there.

When I left there I spent the 10 minute drive home half in tears and half wondering aloud why I was being put through this. You could say God and I had a little conference on my way home. I'm sure people around me thought I was nuts because I was doing some talking in the car. I didn't care. In fact, I just dared someone to make fun. I needed to vent.

I finally just told Him, I can't do it anymore. I've been tested and tried and I had reached the breaking point and I completely gave in. It was a pretty intense day.

So this afternoon I received my answer from Him - I got a job offer from a company that I had an interview with about a month ago. I had almost written off any possibility that I was going to get a job with them. I mean, it's been sooo long since my interview and I thought I was going to have to go back to CareerBuilder and start again from square one.

I accepted the offer.

My day went a lot better today, and the countdown begins to a new life. I'm so relieved.

I have 2 family reunions coming up this month; one for my father's family and one fo my husband's mother's family. I'm not sure I'll be able to make the one for my father's family. It's out of town and falls on the weekend that will be my last at HD. But I really feel strongly about going. His parents are not in the best health and I have a sneaking suspicion that this could be the last year for one or both of them.

I uploaded my first creations for the Design Team @ All American Scrapbook Co. I'm pretty pumped.

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