Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Butterfly, butterfly....

I did a little gardening when I got home from work today. I purchased some wave petunias, moss rose, and geraniums. I pulled up the pansies that were still growing from this past winter (they were really overgrown) and cleaned out lots of weeds. Oddly enough, my chrysanthemums are growing and blooming right now. I planted those in the fall and cut them back when they died off so they'd return next fall. But here it is May, and they're blooming.

I was cleaning up today when I noticed that my back yard had several visitors, probably at least a dozen, although they were moving a lot so it was hard to actually tell...but I had butterflies everywhere! I had noticed this past fall some cocoons growing on my huge hedge/shade tree thingies....I guess they hatched. It was amazing...of course you know I grabbed the camera. They were simply beautiful!!

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