Thursday, May 24, 2007

Good things heading our way

A lot of good things have come our way lately, despite a few heartaches we had to deal with. I am in the limbo stage before I begin my new job; enjoying some time off to not do anything but house stuff. I like sleeping in.

Nick's last day of school was today...he's finished! There are a few stacks of semester exams standing between him and the official end of schoolwork. I am so happy.....we were preparing ourselves for a summer of job hunting for him, but the little smarty-pants has already found himself a new job making a considerable amount more than he was making and he will start on June 11. I'm so proud of him and so excited that for the course of the summer he'll be bringing in paychecks from 2 jobs...he gets paid through August at school. We can pay off some stuff and do a few things around the house, as well as replenish our poo diminished savings. God is good!!

It did some major raining today. We even got about 5 minutes worth of pea-sized hail.

The dryer is full and the washer just stopped, so I guess the laundry is calling. Tomorrow I get to do some serious ironing. Joyous indeed.

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