Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oprah, here we come

Ah, family reunions. What an interesting time. This past weekend my husband's mother's family had their first family reunion in 17 years. I got to meet all sorts of people that I will probably not see again for several, several years. But it was fun.

Of course, you can't get a large group of family members together without some drama, and in this case the drama came in the form of skeletons in the closet discovered by an all-too-revealing family tree.

I'll spare you the long story and get right down to the facts: we learned that Nick's father who raised him is in fact not his birth father. My MIL was married before she married my FIL and that man is actually Nick's father. We now have photos of Nick as a baby with him, divorce papers, and the adoption papers.

Yeah, I know, it's all a little bit strange. Through the vast span of the information super-highway, we hope to find this man and make contact with him. Nick is curious to meet his birth father. He's taken all of this quite well. I think his Mom was afraid he'd be angry; in fact he has been anything but angry. It still seems a little too surreal right now.

I keep joking with people that this is the stuff Oprah shows are made of....

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