Thursday, May 31, 2007

A little Girliness never hurt anyone

My husband made an observation the other day that I have become a little more girly lately. I realize I took a huge step into high-maintenance when I got solar nails. Then a couple of pedicures later, and I've got rhinestones on my toes. Seems harmless's not like my life revolves around my fingernails, I just enjoy them. It's actually a lot less maintenance if you think about it. I have to go once every couple of weeks and let someone else do my nails. I no longer have to maintain the filing or anything like that at home.

It's my justification.

No, he made this observation when we were at the mall the other day. We had split up in a department store to look at different items, and when it came time to locate me he asked where I was. Although I was supposed to be looking at new clothes for my new job, I was wandered into the purse area and discovered a Clearance rack (hello?!) and was trying to tell myself I really didn't need the huge handbag I had my eye on.

But I bought it anyway.

It's over-sized, actually the biggest purse I've ever owned. It's brown leather and oh-so-cute. When he found me, after I had paid for my new accessory, he asked if I needed the new purse for my new job. I said no.....but I had a weakness. That's when he made the comment about me turning into a girly-girl.

May I just say that while buying an over-sized handbag might seem like a step closer to girliness, it does not make me one of those Precious People I so detest.

I like my handbag. I will carry it proudly to my new job tomorrow.

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