Friday, June 1, 2007

Priority mail boxes

My husband is so sweet. I start with a compliment so that I can now make fun of him for not picking up the correct priority mail boxes for me today. I needed 2 sizes--the VCR tape size and the bigger rectangular size. He brought home the little 6" square and the 12" square sizes. I even made the hand motions so he'd know which size to get.

At least he went for me. He's great. I think when I go get the correct size I'll make him go with me.

Today was my first day at my new job. It was a fun day and pretty relaxed. Monday I get to dig in. Today I got my desk area organized and made a list of stuff I need for my workspace. On Monday I'm taking a plant up there and some bottled water for the mini fridge. I didn't want to bring a lot of my own junk on the 1st day.

It's nice to have an actual weekend off that I didn't even have to ask for. Weekends are mine now....and I'm so thankful!

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