Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dust and Rain

The clouds have rolled back in and it's looking like another summer day of rain today. Yesterday we actually got a bit of a break for the holiday, which I thought was nice. I didn't do anything outdoors to enjoy it, but it was nice to know that I could have if I chose to. Nick took the opportunity to mow the yard since he hasn't been able to in so long. With it raining every day there just hasn't been a chance that was dry enough.

I started cleaning the house last night because Nick's birth father is coming down this weekend and the 2 are to be reunited after 25 years apart - Nick doesn't even remember him so for him it's a "first meeting". They're both really excited and really much alike!

I'm sure we'll spend the weekend meeting all sorts of relatives - Nick has a grandmother and uncles and aunts that live within 10 minutes of us and he never even knew it. Such a small world. I just hope I feel better this weekend than I do right now. Stirring up all the dust in the office last night while I was cleaning has wreaked havoc on my allergies and now I am so stuffy and sneezy I just want to crawl back in bed and sleep all day. So far my allergy medicine has done nothing to help, but since I took it I can't take anything else right now or I'll really have a hard time staying awake. It's difficult enough as it is.

I started cleaning, doing this important stuff that company might actually notice like dusting and vacuuming. But then I got side-tracked and spent a great deal of time organizing the drawers in my desk. Why?? It's not like I expect Nick's dad to actually go through my desk drawers to see if they are orderly. But if he decided to, he'd be pleasantly surprised to find no clutter.

I just bought 2 new CDs- Amy Winehouse and Ingrid Michaelson. Yesterday we drove out to my MIL's for the 4th and I thought we'd listen to one of my new CDs. When Nick gets a new CD I always listen to his new music, whether I like it or not (although I tend to like most of them). But he didn't like Amy's CD so I switched over to Ingrid...and I don't think he liked that either.

So it occurs to me that all of the CDs he listens to are by guys or guy groups. I've never heard him say "I want to buy the new [insert female girl/girl group here]." It's always guys. He keeps a stack of CDs in his car because he has a 6 disc changer -- all guys.

My husband is musically sexist.

I called him on it, and he tried to deny it, but when I asked him to name the last female CD he willingly chose to listen to, he couldn't think of a single one.

If I were a female recording artist I might be offended.


TammyB said...

Best of luck with the "family reunion" this weekend. Sending good vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ that everything goes smoothly.

Jen Hoover said...

Just dropping by to say hi and let you know that I'm thinkin' bout'chya! ;)

love the toes! :D

Laurie said...

I hope you and Nick had a great weekend with his family!! LOL I get sidetracked like you when I clean =o)