Monday, July 2, 2007

Hey There Delilah

KISS FM is playing Hey There Delilah for what must be the 63rd time today.

I really shouldn't complain, and I fully don't intend to, but here I am typing and thinking of about 6 complaints while I'm resisting the urge to put them on my screen. I wanted a new job for so long. I was desparately tired of working retail, and now I have an office job with a set schedule...I say set - really it's M-F 8:30-ish to 5-ish, but most days 3:30-4:30 because we just don't have that much to do. I'm salaried of course, so sending me home after working a mere 6 hours does not in any way hurt my feelings. Then of course there is the weekend, which is my opportunity to do whatever I want. No work.

I'm actually sitting here at my desk, "on the clock" so they say, and I'm typing a blog. I don't get paid to type a blog, but here I am doing it anyway. I have nothing else to do right now because I'm waiting for an email reply to find out where my next export is actually going...then I can put together a rate for said shipment and in a couple of days find out if we actually got the shipment. That's pretty much the only thing I have to do the rest of the day, unless one of our customers calls with a box going to Hong Kong, and if that happens it will not be until 3, which is a bit over an hour from now.

So why am I fighting complaints? What on earth could I possible have to complain about? I can spend an entire day surfing Ebay and get paid for every minute of it. I can post blogs, send emails, change the layout on my MySpace page for the 15th time this month....I can shop online, check the weather in case I don't trust the view from the big window behind me....the internet is a vast expanse of knowledge and information and stores. How can I get bored with it?

Because I do. I can hit that little grey "check mail" button on Yahoo only so many times in a day and then it becomes annoying, especially when the only email I get there is usually in the Bulk folder. Even Ebay gets annoying after a while because I tend to shop for the same stuff over and over again. I look at the same websites over and over. It's mundane. I never branch out, I never just click a link that I might find interesting.

I think I need to go on an internet vacation...visit some new websites. Maybe I should read some other people's blogs or something.

At least this took 7 minutes to write.

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