Monday, July 16, 2007

Girl Weekend

This past weekend I drove down to Austin with my BFF and we had our first girl weekend. We met up with 2 other friends that both live down in Austin and did things that girls do. Shopped, giggled, took 1000 photos, ate good was a lot of fun. How can a weekend that ends in a trip to IKEA be bad?

We went to the Capitol on Sunday morning. I love that building. I've seen it plenty of times but it keeps drawing me in. Architecturally it's beautiful - and it makes for some stunning photos. So I took lots while there. I took the time and energy to climb the stairs inside as high as you can go in the rotunda. Pretty awesome sight in there.

The Bat Bridge is a big attraction at night. Austin has around a million bats that live under the Congress Ave bridge, and at sunset they fly out to go hunting for the night. So we got there early to get a spot and waited for 2 hours before any bats emerged...and it was so dark that photography was pretty much out of the question. But it was still pretty awesome to see.

We walked around downtown and took lots of photos, but I didn't get nearly what I would have liked to. It was pretty hot out and not everyone wanted to walk around in the heat and sweat. I'll have to go back down there with Nick sometime; he's not one to care about the sweat so much. Plus he's never been to Austin. It's a cool place.

Now it's back to work time. I didn't realize how sore my calves were until I got out of bed this morning. I can definitely feel the affects of all the walking. That might partially be due to the fact that I did all that walking in flip-flops, which we all know are not exactly the best walking shoes on the planet. Next time I should forego the fashion aspect and stick to comfort. Tennis shoes are always best.

Just 4 days from now I'll be heading to Hemphill, TX for some scrapbooking with my girls. I'm so looking forward to it - I have seriously not scrapbooked anything in quite some time and I'm having some withdrawals. I hope to get a lot accomplished. I've gotten so behind that my photos-to-be-done are overflowing from my photo box. Oh no!

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