Tuesday, July 17, 2007

File Folders

I'm having a conversation with my husband through Yahoo messenger as I type this blog. The great thing about both of our jobs is that throughout the day we can communicate through YM because they use it in his office to talk amongst themselves, and no one watches what I do online here, so we chat when neither is busy.

His request this afternoon was more of a plea of insanity at the lack of organization he has at his desk and desparately needs to keep his daily activities in order. So I suggest he get some of those hangy file folders and some manila folders and start himself a filing system. That's what he decides to tell me he doesn't like file folders. I find that very strange.

What it actually boils down to is his inability to accept the fact that he has become a businessman. A "corporate sellout," as he calls it. I don't think he's a sellout at all. I'm quite proud of the work he's doing. He's smart - he's learning all kinds of programming things. I don't think working in the corporate world is all bad. But he's a math nerd--the kind who thinks that working for "the man" is going to somehow discredit his nerdiness. In all actuality, it adds a whole new depth of nerdiness...another level. He has a cubicle, for crying out loud. I think it's cute.

I'm all alone in the office this afternoon and it's kind of boring. Since our 3 o'clock customer has not called I can assume that I will have no exports today, so ordinarily I would take the opportunity to leave here at 4 and be on my way home. But I have to wait for someone to bring a check by so we can release their shipment, which means that now I have to sit here and wait for this guy to show up and it will just be my luck that he won't show until close to 5.

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