Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pigs have flown

So I'm on a diet...I know, not a huge deal, seeing as probably 85% of women in the world are on a diet, but at any rate, I am. Lost 8 pounds so far, but that's neither here nor there and not the point of my blog.

I have found fat-free brownies that are GOOD.

I know - you are thinking that it's not possible. Trust me, I was too. I like to think of myself as an expert on good chocolate desserts. (Probably why I'm on a diet, huh?) If it's not chocolate, it's not really dessert, in my opinion. So I read online that there was this brownie mix out called "No Pudge". It can't be found at just any grocery store. In fact, I had to go to Central Market to get some.

Let me get off topic for a moment to say that I LOVE Central Market! It was my first experience there, and I had no idea that it was so much more than just another grocery store. I wandered around there for an hour, and I easily could have stayed 2 more. So many cool foods - you know those measure-your-own-coffee-beans thingies? They had those for all kinds of candy, teas...even salts! There were food samples sitting out everywhere. You could go in there and graze for hours. It was a really cool experience. If you get the chance and have never been, go to a Central Market!

Now, back to these brownies. The box of mix makes an 8x8 pan for $3.98. I know, a little pricey...but fat-free. You mix a regular size container of fat-free vanilla yogurt with it. I must admit that I was doubtful that they'd be good. I really exepcted it to taste like the junk you buy pre-packaged at the store that tastes like it has ground-up cardboard in it.

Oh no. These are goooooooooood. Gooey and chewy and good! I know, I was SHOCKED! So now I can freak out and have a bad diet day and eat a brownie and it's OKAY!!


Laurie said...

Congrats!! on the 8lbs I'm going to look for that brownie mix!

Laurie said...

OK I found them right here in town..I'm going to pick some up tomorrow!!!

{S} said...

good for you!!
although, that store sounds way too tempting!! I've gotta try that mix, I love the CORNER brownies!! MMMMMMMmmmmmmm.
I'm thinking about trying Bob Greene's Best life plan...