Thursday, July 12, 2007

The word of the day: ANTICIPATION

In 9 hours and 23 minutes I will be sitting in the Rave theater while the lights go down and Harry Potter begin. I'm very excited. We decided to skip the crowds last night for opening night, so I waited another 24 hours to go see it tonight. I survived - it only hurt a little. We're contracted to see it with my friend Jenn, so she's accompanying us to the show. This fulfills the second half of our current contract with her - we did the first part when we all saw Pirates 3 together.

This weekend I am going to Austin with my BFF from high school, Heather, and we're going to meet up with 2 other friends from high school and have a Girls Weekend. We're staying in a hotel room downtown and shopping, among other things. I'm pretty excited. It's been many years since we got together to do anything like this. Joy!

I found out yesterday afternoon that next weekend I am going to a scrapbook weekend in East Texas with my Texas scrapbook friends. We usually get together in Central Texas, but this time we're going to one of the ladies' lake house. Should be lots of fun. Any excuse to escape life and scrapbook is a good one, espcially since my mojo has been on hiatus as far as cropping goes.

The only down side of this scrapbook weekend is that it falls on Harry Potter weekend and this means my plans for opening my Barnes & Noble package and not moving again until book 7 was complete is kind of messed up now. My current agreement with Nick is that I would read book 7 first, then he can have it. The reasoning behind this decision is that I read faster and I'm impatient. Now he'll have access to the book first, so if he starts reading it and doesn't finish it before I get home Sunday then I'm going to have to steal it from him because he reads slower and I don't like waiting. Ay any rate, I'm very excited about book 7.

The following weekend Nick & I are going to a homecoming/reunion of sorts at a church I used to attend a couple of years ago. I'm excited about seeing lots of folks I haven't seen in a while. Good times.

So the word of the day is anticipation, and with all this stuff going on you can completely understand why.

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