Tuesday, July 24, 2007

There's the Dairy Queen

This past weekend I drove 5 hours to a little community outside of Hemphill, Texas to do some scrapbooking at a good friend's lake house. It's nice to have friends who are willing to share the things they have acquired during their life time. I set out on the road with another; Francine nor I either one really wanted to make the trek alone.
I don't know if you've ever been given the opportunity to drive through East Texas so you may not know that it is littered with Dairy Queens. I wished we had kept count, but it was probably close to 50 we saw. In the small town I grew up in we had 2. (We were big-time.) I will admit that the Hunger Buster is quite a delicious hamburger, and nothing beats a Coke with Dairy Queen ice. It's like Sonic ice...a whole different experience. Anyway, living in Fort Worth we don't really have a lot of Dairy Queens. I've only seen 1 or 2 in the entire Metroplex. I would imagine there are more, but I've not been fortunate to come across them.

Let's face it - no one really goes to Dairy Queen for the hamburgers. They go for the Blizzards. One of the best ice cream treats to be had, and totally not on my diet in any size, but seeing as it's not something I get often...well, you can imagine.

The drive down was a lot of fun. We decided to leave the interstate road system and I mapped out a route taking smaller highways and roads. Natalia had told me there was road construction on I-20, so I opted to stay away from it once we got out of Dallas. We saw all kinds of interesting little things along the way including an 8 foot tall smoking gun and a small replica of the Statue of Liberty in a front yard. Coming back we decided it would be ok to go ahead and hit the interstate coming back; the construction was the other direction.

Somewhere in the trek back, we missed a road, 103 to be exact. It should have been just outside of Bronson, but for whatever reason it either was not or we were so engrossed in conversation we didn't notice that it was passed by until we hit a new town that I was quite sure we hadn't driven through a few days prior. I say as much to Francine, and she examines the scenery through the windows of the car and then says,

"Yes, this is the right road - there is the Dairy Queen!"

If you aren't giggling, then refer back to the above where I mentioned that we passed about 50 Dairy Queens and you'll see why I could no longer see because I was laughing so hard. After composing myself I was forced to prove to Francine that we had, in fact, not gone through this town and handed her my trusty laminated car map so she could begin to map out a new route for us. One thing I do not do is back-track on a road trip. I figured as long as we were traveling north and west in some fashion eventually we'd find our way back to Fort Worth. It's a big city after all.

The remainder of our road trip was highlighted by a stop fora bite to eat at Dairy Queen in Lindale, Texas. Even though we were there for 45 minutes waiting for 2 burgers and 2 Blizzards it was worth the experience.

For those of you who care, I did manage to create 45 pages, 6 cards, and 1 altered clipboard during the course of my weekend. Not too shabby - I did the most pages of everyone there and got there 24 hours after most of them. (I only beat Sherry by 1 page, and that I had planned, since she left hours before I did. I just had to beat her.)


{S} said...

ROFLOL!!!!! Ah, it'd be a blast to travel with you guys.

Saddly Texas DQ's sound a lot like California Starbucks... everywhere. All of our DQ's have closed and are now, you guessed it, Starbucks. :~(

Cindy said...

There's a little dairy queen about 20 minutes from us. I love Dilly Bars. Yum Yum.