Friday, August 3, 2007

Finally Friday

I've not been in the best of moods this afternoon and I don't know why. Today was almost a pointless day at work. I answered a few emails and that's pretty much it. So I'm glad that the day is over and I am home now. I hope my poopy mood diminishes by the time Nick gets home from work. I know he's looking forward to being home and I don't want that to be a yukky experience for him. He doesn't deserve that. Thank goodness for the weekend.
I started myself a Flickr account last night. Didn't take me long; I'm kind of addicted already. I added around 120 photos last night and ended up going ahead and buying a 2 year plan (they have a free one too) and tonight I'm going to add more photos. I don't know; it's satisfying to share my photos with others. I spent a large chunk of my day today looking at other people's photos and it really just made me want to go walking around with my camera!

Today's picture is of my baby girl, Maddie. She's been with me for 7 years now and I enjoy having her around.

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Cindy said...

Your dog is a real cutie!