Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pray for them

I've got CNN on in the background, watching the reports and looking at the pictures of the bridge that collapsed in Minnesota. What a horrible tragedy. I can't even imagine being in that situation - what would you do? How scary would it be to be driving one second, and falling the next? It took only 4 seconds for that entire bridge to collapse- that's nothing! I will be praying for the families involved, the rescue workers helping out, and the people in the area affected and scared. I hope you are too.

It's Thursday - that means that I totally forgot to watch Top Chef last night! Ugh, I just realized I missed it. I love that show...good thing that each week @ 8 they show the previous week's episode before the new one. Guess I'll have to catch it next week.

I don't really know why I'm so drawn to that show. I am by no means a "chef"...I can cook, sure, but I think that's totally different. Words like gnocchi, carpaccio, and ceviche don't mean anything to me, but they are fun to say. I don't dine in places that present a plate to you that has enough food on it to feed a toddler. But for some reason, this show is addicting. It's not even completely the reality/people aspect - for me it's the food and cooking. I'm fascinated by it, although I wouldn't eat 80% of the stuff they throw out there. It's still interesting.

I work in a really long building with 4 entrances spread along the length of it. Our offices are upstairs above loading docks. My section is the 3rd one down, or 2nd closest to the runways, whichever way you want to look at it. The offices upstairs are all connected by a really long, windy hallway. You can walk clear from one end to the other without ever stepping outside. But this section of the building my office is in isn't very crowded - there is a lot of space for rent. So the parking lot reflects this as well. One half of it is always packed full, and then the end closest to the airport is full, but when you get to the section that my co-worker and I park in it's pretty much our cards plus 4 or 5 more. This isn't really important information, I just wanted to share that with you. I have nothing better to talk about, really, and now if you were wondering where I am sitting while I type this you can at least picture the parking lot and a long, white, 2 story building with loading docks. Now don't you feel closer to me than you did before you started reading this?

Our rep from Cathay Pacific airlines came by the office today and brought us a half Chinese, half English calendar and a little model airplane that is now sitting on the windowsill. Lisa wanted to take it home to her son but it's so stinking cute - I want it to stay here in the office. We'll see who wins. He's probably got a ton of toys and he'd just break it anyway.

In keeping with my work/airport theme, here is my photo for today, 08/02/07:
I took this from a window in the building where my office is located. I have a really cool view of the runways on the west side of DFW airport from my building.

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