Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I took yesterday's photo, posted it to my Facebook page and also to the message board I took the challenge from, and totally forgot to post it here, to my blog. So to the thousands of you (yeah, right) following my daily photo challenge, I apologize for letting you down yesterday. I know you were refreshing my blog page every 5 minutes in hopes that I had posted my pic of the day for 8/07/07 only to find that I did, indeed, forget. Let's hope it's the only time this month. It was breezy yesterday, but that didn't help the 98 degree temps too much. The flags outside my office building were dancing like crazy though, so that's where I took this (from behind the driver's wheel, no less). I will post a picture for today after I've given this one ample time to soak in.

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