Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sometimes change isn't good.

Someone in my company has decided that we, as a company, need to all be using the same software so that we're in sync. That makes total sense. What doesn't make total sense is making my office change from a newer, more user-friendly program to a much older, really difficult to use program that everyone else uses. Basically we've added 25 steps to each process and made them more difficult to execute, all with one swift decision. To say I am annoyed would be putting it very lightly.

I was in a foul mood when I got home today. I had been fighting with my computer for 2 hours before I finally just decided to open up the old program and use it for this one shipment. Had I not, I'd probably still be at th eoffice yelling at my monitor or in tears, one of the two.

I needed my daily photo therapy when I got home but it was just really hot outside, so I stayed indoors and made Maddie once again the subject of my pic of the day. She grabbed her rawhide and was happy to chew while I snapped several shots of her.

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