Wednesday, August 29, 2007


My co-worker's father passed away unexpectedly yesterday evening. He had a massive heart attack. I was quite surprised when she called to tell me. You just never know when you are going to lose someone. He was only 64 and in fairly good health. I guess it's always a good idea to tell those around you that you love them. You just never know....

On a happier mother bought this cute bag for me just because. I'm excited about it - I will be using it as my carry-on this weekend on our Colorado trip.


Seven said...

yes that is very sad that your co worker's father passed away, it's even more sad when he seemed to be doing so well and his passing was so unexpected. One of my good friends recently lost her grandfather but he'd been sick for a long while and his passing wasn't a surprise, though still sad of course. I lost two friends the same year i left home. The day after my 18th birthday two friends i went to school with were killed in a car accident. They weren't drunk or anything like that...the driver lost control after swirving to avoid hitting a cat in the friends were both killed, and the brother of one of them was hurt pretty badly, but're right when you say u just never know. You never know when you'll see the person(s) you love for the last time, or talk to them, hear them, touch then, so you should always, always say you love them. It's a sad thing when something like this happens.

p.s. cute bag ;)

VexedAngel said...

What a cute bag!

I'm sorry about your friend's loss--you never know, that is the one thing that is for sure. :-(