Sunday, August 26, 2007

Saturdays can be exhausting

Totally forgot to post yesterday...but I had a very busy Saturday so I'm going to use it as my excuse.

I started the day off by helping a friend of mine get her classroom ready for school. Her school has been undergoing some renovations this summer, and with all the rain we had they got delayed. So the first time she got to step foot in her classroom to do any work was Friday - and they start school on Monday! Combine that with the fact that this is her first year at this particular school and you can imagine how much work we had to do to get it ready. There were three of us working and I must say that we made some fantastic progress. We got all of her bulletin boards hung and stuff put on them. She teaches 3rd grade, so we had lots of stuff to put on the walls. By the time we left she was pretty much far enough along that today she'll just have some nit-picky things to finish and organizing some of her files...nothing too bad. We were proud but exhausted.
After I got home the boys were itching to go do something after being at home all day. I rested for an hour or so and then we headed out to Putt Putt Golf & Games. Trey had never played putt-putt and we also drove go-carts and played in the arcade. Needless to say by the time I got home I'm surprised I even remember to take a photo of anything.
The scene in my living room this weekend has pretty much been like the photo - they've been playing some serious Playstation 2.


Seven said...

Hi there, Trey is a cutie. It's adorable seeing a grown man and a boy playing games together, you're right that's one thing that boys and men will always have in common. A bond in away. My husband is the same with his two nephews. aged 7 and 9. When they came to stay with us for a day my husband sat and played video games all day long. Unfortunately we have several video game once in awhile my husband will go on a gaming binge...he's sat and played the new zelda game on gamecube for like 13 hours straight...WOW!!!

if it's alright with you i'd like to read and comment on your blog regularly. and if you wish i post on my blog nearly everyday, also have photos and such so you can comment if you like. secret word seven.

shelly b said...

as a teacher, I can understand how hard that must have been to set up a classroom that quick.