Friday, August 24, 2007

Weekend at last

Ah, another weekend. I do so enjoy them now that I do not have to work during them. This weekend we are keeping my little brother while Mom is out of town. He's fun - he brought his Playstation 2 over so I'm sure my husband will spend the majority of his weekend playing video games. I don't think men ever grow out of video games. I'm just thankful we don't own a game system, other than my old N64 with its 3 or 4 sad little games. I fear that if we did own one, Nick would spend far too much of his time playing that instead of interacting with 3 dimensional people.

After a scrumptious meal at McDonalds [sarcasm] Trey and I walked down to the park near my house. We played on the equipment for a while and then played a little bit of basketball, which mostly consisted of me watching him try to make a shot and every once in a while shooting it myself when he so graciously allowed me to. He claims he won even though technically we didn't play a real game and we both actually scored 2 goals a piece.......I don't claim to understand 6 year old math.

One the way home we crossed a bridge with really oversized reflectors, and he decided he would jump from one to the other all the way across. He did quite well.

I can hear things being blown up in the living room, which can only mean that the 2 of them are playing Transformers and I will probably be allowed plenty of time to myself this evening. Boys.

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