Saturday, September 8, 2007

Gettin' nervous

My PRK procedure is getting closer and closer....tomorrow I have to begin using 2 different types of prescription eye drops and taking 1000mg Vitamin C. When I think about what's going to be done, even though I know that they do thousands of these things every day and it only takes seconds...well, the thought them them propping my eyes open and then shaving off part of my cornea with a laser is just pretty freakin' scary. I'm getting that butterfly feeling in my tummy. I probably won't sleep well for the next few days.

I forgot to mention in my last blog that our Colorado trip was spent with Nick's Dad. This trip we got to meet his stepmom and one of his stepsisters. We really enjoyed their company. His stepmom is just pretty awesome. She has such a great attitude and outlook. So all the stuff I mentioned on the previous blog was done with set the record straight.

Tonight we went to the Dallas Diamonds football game. Nick's aunt Wendy plays for them, #66. I had never seen women's football was interesting. I think my Weird Meter was pretty maxed out by the time we left. I don't know, it's just not the same.....I don't want to offend, but seriously. There's a reason why it's a man's sport. I'm not saying there aren't some pretty tough girls out there. I'm not saying that they didn't hit hard and tackle and run and throw and sweat just like the guys. But there's just something oogie about watching football with breasts. It just seems somehow wrong....

The halftime show was pretty much enough to almost make my head explode. I have never watched High School Musical. I have absolutely no intention of ever watching it. I'm allergic to stuff like that. It would probably make me break out in hives. So imagine my displeasure when a group of 6 high school age girls and 3 high school guys take their place on the field along with a microphone and amp after the announcer introduces them as a groups called "Empowered". They are each dressed in some sort of denim bottom and a solid color shirt, each a different color. One of the guys had on a magenta colored shirt that had an orange silhouette of either Lindsay Lohan or Jessy McCartney. It was hard to tell. They proceeded to sing....and dance....with real choreography. They jumped around and smiled real big and sang....teeny bopper type songs, most of which I had never heard. I figure they probably came from the High School Musical soundtrack, although Nick's cousin (he's 10, BTW) informed me that he recognized one of the songs from the Garfield movie. [insert smirk]

I spent the first 4 or 5 minutes of their routine in a bit of shock. Do they not realize that people can see them??? These kids actually got together, probably on more than one occasion, to rehearse this!! On purpose and everything! It was like being thrust into an alternate universe where people watch nothing but Disney and occasionally everyone bursts into song. (Choreographed of course.) I half expected Hannah Montana to run out on field at some point.

Maybe I should try to video tape their next performance to share with the world on YouTube. We all need to laugh now and then.

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{S} said...

ROFLOL!!! this post was hysterical! I can just see your eyes popping out of your head. what an adventurous life you live!!

Good luck with the PRK. You'll get through it just fine and will be so glad you did it.