Friday, September 7, 2007

Back to reality

Quick weekend trips can be exhausting. We crammed a lot of activities into our 4 days in Colorado. On Sunday we drove down to the Royal Gorge Bridge and spent several hours walking around the gorge and over the bridge. We rode the tram back was just beautiful. I wish we'd been able to take the incline railway down to the bottom, but by the time we got around to that it was hot and had a long line, and I just didn't feel like standing there and waiting. I guess we should have done that first, but it was still awesome.

We left there and headed up to Cripple Creek. We took a tour of the Molly Kathleen Mine and that was so awesome!! I had no idea how primitive mining really is. They crammed 6 of us into a little cage smaller than a telephone book and dropped us straight down to 1000 ft below in a pitch black shaft. It was quite cool! Our tour guide was awesome (Thanks Cletus!) and spent over an hour with us down there. We learned a lot...totally worth it. We stopped by the casinos in Cripple Creek for a little bit, but by then I was so tired (we all were) and no one really cared to gamble that much.

Monday Nick and I rented a car because everyone else had to either hit the road to go home or work, and we headed downtown to the Denver Aquarium. They have a really awesome set up there and I really enjoyed it. We ate some yummy seafood in their restaurant before we drove over to look at the football stadium and then headed downtown to walk around. I got some cool pics of the Capitol building and the U.S. Mint. Unfortunately it was closed due to the holiday, but I would have enjoyed touring the Mint. Before we flew out we also made a stop by the Denver Zoo. Not too shabby for one day huh?

Our flight was delayed that evening so it was really late by the time we got home and were able to go to bed. I still don't feel like I'm caught up on my sleep. To make it worse, Tues-Thurs of this week I had to go to a training class to get my Dangerous Goods Certification for work so I can ship hazardous materials by air...which ended in a 3.5 hour exam. Whew - I managed to pull out a 100 - not bad I thought!

So today is Friday and this week has flown by, all things considered.

Tuesday is my eye surgery....PRK. I am getting my vision corrected - YAY! Although I'm very excited I'm starting to get very nervous too. I have quite a list of stuff I have to do for my recovery as well. I was going to have Lasik done, but my surgeon prefers to do PRK to Lasik because the long-term benefits are better with PRK. I figure he's the expert, so I didn't argue. I'm sure that I won't be able to sleep Monday night, which will be a problem because I'm going to have to get up around 4 in order for us to make it to the train station by 5 to get to the eye doc by 7. I don't like 4 am.

Nick's aunt plays for the Dallas Diamonds professional women's football team, so tomorrow night we're going to their game. I've never seen women's football and I won't really get in to how wrong I think that is...I'll just go and enjoy myself.

When I get my vacation pics uploaded I'll share.

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{S} said...

sounds like a great trip! i can't wait to see the pictures and pages you'll make.
funny you didn't mention the meeting/visit with family. Did that go well?
I'm glad you made it home safe! (((hug)))