Sunday, September 2, 2007

Why do I live in Texas?

Ah, the feeling of waking up and it's a crisp and cool 66 degrees outside, on Sept 2 no less. That just doesn't happen in Ft Worth. I kind of figure we won't get into weather like that until at least October. The high yesterday was around 87. It's usually 87 at 10 pm at home. *sigh*

We went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science yesterday. They currently have a Titanic exhibit that is beyond words. There were hundreds of artifacts on display that have been recovered from the sea floor, some 12,500 ft below. Luggage, clothes, eyeglasses, jewelry, toiletry bottles, purses, china,coins and paper money, even a claim ticket for a piece of cargo luggage. The entire display was beyond description. They had photos of people and items that they had been able to identify the owners...most of whom didn't make it. I got to touch an actual piece of the hull as well as a freshwater iceberg that was not quite as cold as the sea water that claimed the lives of so many people that night. I held my hand on it until it physically hurt - I don't even think it took a full minute. I can only imagine the pain they suffered. I know I teared up a couple of times during the was a little overwhelming. They had a few hallways and rooms that were set up exactly like those on the ship - one hallway was so realistic I kept expecting one of the suite doors to open and a women dressed in her finest exiting on her way to the dining room or promenade deck. We watched a hour-long IMAX film about exploration of the Titanic in its watery grave...and again I was moved to tears a little bit.

What struck me most about the film was they filmed this particular documentary during August/September 2001. On one day they had to go down to retrieve one of their robotic cameras that had lost battery power and become stuck in the shipwreck, and as they brought it to the surface the man in the sub documented the time - Sept 11, 2001, 6:16. The entire sold-out audience of 441 collectively gasped. It really made you appreciate the tragedy of the Titanic - we personally have felt an overwhelming loss of thousands in one single event, just like they did back on April 14, 1912. I think it was easier to understand what the public as a whole might have experienced, having experienced it ourselves.

Today we are heading down to the Royal Gorge Bridge - I am beyond excited! I can't wait to stand in the middle of the bridge and take it all in - I feel quite sure it will be one of those moments I am either reduced to tears or song, LOL. I'll let you know.

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