Saturday, October 6, 2007

I am victorious!

I found a pair of jeans tonight. I actually found two pair of jeans, but I only purchased one. We headed to the mall today in search of a pair of jeans. My first stop was at Macy's, and let me just say that it is quickly becoming one o fmy favorite stores. I never thought I would say that, but I really do like it. It never fails - I can always find a shirt or pair of pants at Macy's. I like to park under the parking garage and enter the mall at Macy's because I can usually get a spot right next to the door. That is where I found some Levi's jeans that fit. They were a tad bit longer than I wanted, but I could have dealt with them. They were $48, which I didn't really want to spend, but I was prepared to if the need arose. It helps that I had a 20% coupon in my wallet. In the process of looking for jeans I found two really cute tops that I just had to have, so I purchased the two shirts and used my $15 off coupon for those. I didn't buy the jeans right then because I had to walk right by them on my way back to the car, and since they were $48 they would be my last resort jeans.

Off I went to Lane Bryant. I know, I know...but it wasn't for jeans. The two supoer cute shirts I just purchased at Macy's were going to require a new bra. I needed one that had more off-the-shoulder straps than what I have because the shirts I bought had square necks. I hate buying new bras. The break-in in period for a new bra is such a difficult time. I was quite amazed when I tried it on how much I really liked it. I refrained when the girl tried to get me to buy a second bra - they were BOGO half off. I only needed one and I still had jeans to buy. No thank you. I will be strong.

I headed down towards JCPenney but detoured through Sears because it's on the way. How sad is the selection of clothes at Sears??? I hadn't been in there in a long time; now I remember why. They should change the name to Little-Old-Lady-Land. LOLL. That would be catchy. It didn't take me long to walk back out of Sears.

JCPenney - God bless you. I found some excellent jeans that fit even better than the Levi's did, and they were regular $44 but were on sale for $26. Score! Plus I found two shirts in the clearance area that I was expecting to be $19 each but they rang up for $9.99. Go me! By this time Nick calls to tell me he's downstairs in the men's department and I was to join him after I finished my purchasing. (He had ditched me long ago to hang out in Waldenbooks.)

Nick is a clothes-horse. He seriously has twice as many clothes as I do. But the problem is not that he shops a lot - it's that he doesn't get rid of a lot. He seriously has a couple of shirts in his closet that he wore in high school. Sad. It was in the men's department of JCPenney that we struck gold. They have a major clearance sale going on and I was able to find a ton of shirts for Nick, with the understanding that when we got home we were having anexorcism on the closet.

We ended up buying four pair of khaki shorts, three button-down short sleeved shirts, and three polos for $67. I love receipts that print out your total savings - we saved $319.00 off regular price on his stuff!! I was so excited. I love a good sale but WOW!!

The real fun came when we got home though. I have been watching Tim Gunn's new show Guide to Style, and one of the first things he does with a new client is clean out the closet. They usually end up emptying it. So we pulled everything out of his closet, one area at a time, and made three piles: keepers, Goodwill, and Ebay. I ended up with a giant pile of really good stuff for Ebay and two big garbage bags full of stuff for Goodwill. It's amazing. I think I got rid of every shirt he had that was from high school and college! It felt really good! There were a couple of items that we had to make deals on - you know, I'll get rid of that but I get to keep this, etc. I was okay with that. I think the items that I really hated I managed to cleanse him of and now I am even thinking that I need to go back to JCP tomorrow and see if I can't find anything else. When you can find perfectly awesome brand new shirts for $7.49, it's hard to pass that up.


Laurie said...

WOO HOO!!! congrats on finding the jeans and such good deals!!!

my dh is the same way only I think he has more clothes then me and the boys all together!!!

{S} said...

I wanna shop with you!!

VexedAngel said...

I love Penney's!!!