Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'm just saying.

I was listening to the Kidd Kraddick show this morning, as I do every morning, and I was inspired to write a blog based on my reaction/feeling/opinion to an item that was mentioned on the news for the morning. The news story was about Hispanic families in Irving who are withdrawing their children from public schools because they are afraid of being deported. Irving has recently started cracking down on illegal immigrants with criminal records. The gist of the news story was that Hispanics were upset because they felt they were being "unfairly targeted". Well duh!

We have a lot of illegal Mexican immigrants in Texas. It's a huge pet peeve of mine. I grew up in a small East Texas town with a large hispanic population. I vividly remember the day my home town newspaper added a page in the paper done entirely in spanish. I was outraged. I purposely took three years of french in high school because I refused to learn spanish. I have a soapbox about people who come here and do not bother to learn english but expect me to bend over backwards learning their language to communicate with them. In my eyes, it's backwards. I'm not going to pack up my entire family, move them to Germany, and expect the German people to make it easier for me to live there. I'm going to learn the language. I'm just saying. Anyway. I digress.

So back to the Irving thing. They feel they are being "unfairly targeted". Ok, I'm fully aware that there are probably plenty of other nationalities of illegal immigrants in Irving. I get that. However, if you are going to crack down on some illegal activity, aren't you going to target the largest problem first and then worry about the smaller ones? If 70% of the illegal immigrants are from Mexico, and 5% are from India, are you going to tackle the 5% first or the 70%? I'm just saying.

It even goes so far that the Mayor Pro Tem of Irving is telling illegal immigrants to 'steer clear of Irving'. Really? Shouldn't the message be 'don't cross the border'? Instead of telling them where to hide out, shouldn't we be telling people to cease the activity that requires the need to hide out? If you want to live here, fine, take the initiative and become a citizen. That's why we offer you the opportunity to become a citizen. If you don't want to be targeted, well then don't be illegal. Because illegal activity of any kind if target-worthy. I'm just saying.

I'm really annoyed by all the Lasik commercials on the radio now. I don't think medical procedures really need advertising. It's like those billboards for Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal. Really? If a man is considering a vasectomy reversal, do you really think it's because he was driving down the interstate and saw a billboard? We're all aware that these procedures exist...and if we're unsure, most of us are probably going to ask our own personal health-care provider about it. I don't need to see a sign or be tempted by a "30% off deal" for my medical procedure. There are literally about 6 Lasik surgeons in the DFW area advertising deals and what-not. Give me a break. I had PRK and you know what? I didn't even consider using one of those guys on the radio. I went to my insurance website to find a doc.
Act Now! Wisdom Teeth Extraction! Hurry, these prices won't last!
I'm just saying.

You may know that my co-worker and I have a love of radio call-in contests. We have 4 lines in the office and you can bet when it's the "cue to call" we're all over it. One of the local stations has a game running right now that's called the "Big Money What is that?". Basically they play a sound and the jackpot started at $30,000. If you are the right caller and correctly identify the sound, you win the money. Each day they give a clue during the 7 am hour and of course wrong guesses can act as clues as well. Each wrong clue also ups the jackpot amount. Currently it's somewhere around the $31,000 range. So day before yesterday I sent my husband an IM message to let him know it was time to call for the jackpot and guess. He doesn't listen to that station but he sometimes tries to call in and we tell him what we're thinking it anyway, I tell him to Call Now!!!! and he messages me back to say "Can't. Busy." Ok, well, I'll just try to win some major money all by myself then.

Yesterday he calls me while I'm driving home to inform me that he's just win something on the radio...a four-pack of tickets to the International Gem & Jewelry show in Dallas this weekend and something worth $50. He can't remember what the $50 is for, be it merchandise at the show or to somewhere else kind of random. I don't want to go to the International Gem & Jewelry show. I have zero desire for that. What gets me though, is that he drops everything to call in to win because he heard something about $50, but I try to get him to call for $30,000 and he can't be bothered. I'm just saying.


Jen Hoover said...

YOU crack me up! :D
just saying... eh? I can TOTALLY hear you saying "well DUH" thanks for the giggles ;)

huge hugs!!!!

Laurie said...

oh my.....I'm rolling here. But I'm SOOOO with you!!!

{S} said...

OMGoodness!! {sigh} what a great post.
Amen sister!!