Monday, October 1, 2007

New Ride

I got a new car on Saturday. Yay me! I know, you are probably thinking I'm a little bit spoiled. You'd probably be right....but I didn't get a new car because I wanted one, nor did I have an accident and no one stole my Altima. Actually it was a total financial move. We were at a point in our payments on my Altima that we could trade it in and break even, which we did. We were able to start from scratch with a new car and payments that are $100 less per month, which I think is a pretty smart move.
I loved my Altima. I don't want her to think I got rid of her because she was a bad car. Her payments were just a little high...and with the other things we've done this past year that we're paying on it was a smart move to take some burden off the car payment so we can apply that difference to another bill. It's all in the name of getting stuff paid off and moving on.

So I introduce my new car, my '07 Nissan Versa. She's fully loaded. I've never had a fully loaded car before. Sure, I've had power windows and door locks, even a single disc CD player. I've never had a 6 disc CD changer, an Intelligent Key keyless start, a Bluetooth feature that allows me to talk on my cell phone through my car, a sun roof, Sirius Satellite radio built in...but now I do. I'm really excited.

She's silver, and Nick's Pathfinder is silver, so now they match and that's just too cute. I've always wanted a silver car but never have had the opportunity to have one. She's a little smaller than the Altima, but since we don't have kids it's really not a big deal. I can't remember ever having 5 adults in my Altima...I can't even really think of many times I had 4. I don't think the size will be a factor. In fact being smaller makes her really zippy. Now I just need to figure out her name.

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