Thursday, November 29, 2007

My luck continues

So you may know, if you regularly visit my blog, that I've had some good luck as of late. In October I got to see Maroon 5 because of tickets won on the radio and this Tuesday night I will go see Billy Joel in concert because I won tickets from a different station.

Today I made the trek over to Dallas on my extended lunch break to pick up my Billy Joel tickets. After a weird detour that should have never happened if you could trust Mapquest maps, I arrived at the CBS Radio offices and stood at the receptionist desk while the chick behind the desk tried to locate my tickets. She called someone from the back who brought out a sheet of paper with my name on it and a note at the top that they had given my tickets to someone else and I still needed tickets. The chick from the back explained that they were picking up the remaining tickets today at 3 and that she would overnight my tickets to me. I had to fill out a form with the address I wanted them over-nighted to and while I was doing that she disappeared to the back with the promise that she's be right back.

When she came back, she had a gift bag in her hand and apologized for my coming all the way over there only to find out that they'd overnight them to me. The gift bag was my peace offering for my trouble...and it contained a Christmas ornament, 4 free passes to an advance screening of the new Kiera Knightley movie Atonement, the book that the movie is based on, and a cute pack of postcards with images that I suppose are inspired by the book/movie. I suppose my detour was worth the trouble after all.

I hate driving in Dallas. I was cut off about 3 times and people over there speed like nobody's business. There are plenty of bad drivers in Ft Worth, but it just seems that the disregard for everyone else on the road is definitely stronger on the D side of the Metroplex. However if you are heading to Dallas anytime soon and feel the need to see men strip at Le Bare, I actually know where it is now because I drove by it today and I can give you directions.
No thank you, I do not want to go too.

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