Thursday, November 8, 2007

Smokers stink

My new car has a sunroof. I have immensely enjoyed this little feature. This is my very first sunroof, and if you've never had one yourself I highly recommend it. There is nothing better than opening it up in the morning or evening and letting the crisp air in. You can turn off the AC and just enjoy the fresh air.....well, usually.

This morning I had my sunroof open while I was driving in to work. It's cool outside but not so bad that I was cold. Lovely sky....a great way to start off the day. I pulled up to a stop light and I'm waiting for my turn to go when all of the sudden my refreshing morning was ruined by the moron in the SUV next to me. She had just stuck her hand out of her window to flick her nasty cancer ashes all over the place and a huge puff of carcinogenic-filled smoke-ruined air comes wafting into the top of my sunroof. Excuse me?? Here I am, minding my own business, having a nice morning, and because some moron allowed herself to get addicted to nicotine she's now ruining my fresh air.

Why is it that smoker's feel it is ok to do that? There's this guy in my building who has to go downstairs no less than 4 or 5 times a day to get his "fix" and you know where he decides to do that? Yep, right outside the door. Anytime you want to go outside, you have to walk through his stink first. Every time you are the unfortunate one who must ride the elevator after he has gone back inside from his cig break, you are forced to smell his funk. Don't smokers realize how nasty they smell? This guy came into our office yesterday to pick up some paperwork, and after he left we commented on how bad he smelled - yeah, smoker. It was like a chimney had just walked in.

I think if I were doing something that made me smell that bad, I would stop. If I knew that every time I left the room or walked by people were physically repulsed by the smell following me around, I would change whatever behavior causes that. I'd be very self-conscious about it. I would not want people talking about me or gagging because I simply walked by. How embarrassing! But smokers, they just don't seem to care. They just stand outside restaurants and theaters stinkin' up the place and have no regard for the fresh air that I have every right to inhale. Why don't they just inject nicotine and be done with it? At least it wouldn't stink.

i know, I'm hatin' on the smokers today. But this chick at the stop light totally ruined my fresh air morning and I was forced to close my sunroof to keep from getting her nasty funk in my car. Gross. She'd probably be offended if I sprayed her car with some foul smelling aerosal, but it's perfectly ok for her to let her nastiness float into my car.

Speaking of nastiness, why don't smokers get fined for littering when theythrow their butts on the ground? When I worked at Home Depot, sometimes I would have to sweep the front of the store in the mornings if I was working out in garden or at the Returns desk. Some mornings I would sweep up over 100 cigarette butts! It was so gross. I know these people may think that one or two doesn't hurt anything, but when 100 morons throw them on the ground, well that's not one or two, is it? No. I don't throw my empty cups or trash on the ground. Why? Because it's littering. So why is throwing cigarette butts on the ground not littering?? Use the trash can. Better yet, stop smoking!! It's gross!

On a funnier co-worker is now on some new cabbage soup diet. What makes this funny is that this is probably the 5th or 6th diet she has been on since I met her in June. She never sticks with anything and instead of just developing better eating habits, she tries these extreme diet things that are designed to fail. I can't even remember all of them...I know she's taken Alli, done Atkins, looked into some injection thing that is suppoed to "melt away" fat, and now it's cabbage soup. She hasn't lost a single pound that I can tell. We'll see how long this lasts.


Laurie said...

AMEN SISTER!!!! I wish that the non-smokers of the world could unite and stamp this foul killer habit for good. Why in the world anyone would take it up now, knowing all the harm it does not just to them but everyone around them makes no sense to me!!

OK now back to your regular programing..

VexedAngel said...

"Why don't they just inject nicotine and be done with it?"

Were that it that easy! LOL I was lucky and married a guy who loved me anyway, and that is actually what enabled me to kick the habit. It is very tough, and I think that smokers are an easy target b/c their addiction impinges on other people, even outside their normal circle of influence... so it is an addiction that quickly becomes other people's problem... that is true. But at the same time, it is an addiction, and there are a lot of complex behavioral and psychological things at work there, even if you leave the biological component of addiction out of it!

Man am I glad my husband loved me! One of our friends married a smoker, and I have commented to T often that I'm so glad he put up with the smell. And no, smokers don't realize they smell. Besides, cigs still smell heavenly to me! It's just the after-ness that is nasty... to me anyway!

Cindy said...

They finally made the smokers at our office, and there are a lot, move to a different location to smoke. It was a very happy day, because I hated dealing with all of that smoke.

I have noticed that for some reason cigarette smoke clings to people very differently. I swear for some it just never goes away and for others you hardly notice it. I think a lot of it has to do with whether or not they smoke in their house and car.