Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am a Rock Superstar!

Guitar Hero has arrived baby! We got the game in the mail yesterday - I was SO excited when I opened the front door and there sat a Guitar Hero-shaped box. I promptly tore it open and started playing. When Nick got home he watched me play a couple of songs and then asked for the guitar...and then last night at 11:30 I had to force him to turn it off and go get in the shower. *giggle*snort*

He's in there right now playing his little heart out. What's absolutely so cute when he plays is that he has to dance - he can't stand still, and I think that's too cute. I took some video of him with my cell phone last night. We're totally addicted. I'm doing quite well, if I do say so myself. I bumped it up to medium tonight and played a few songs. I created my own band and started a career - we're called Lulu Dance.

Just for you, Jen, I created a slideshow with my outdoor Christmas lights. I even walked down the street to my "competition" and took a photo of his house too so you can see.


{S} said...

oooh, your house looks so cute!! I love your tree and the stars in it. I had some like that years ago and lost them in a move. I'm still sad about it because I could never find them again to re-buy.
I stood outside for a while tonight and took new pics of mine. My neighbors think I'm crazy. I wanted to snap a picture of my rivals house but he didn't turn them on until I went in. :~P

fuzzywhitedogs said...

How pretty! Now when do we get to see the video of your DH playing guitar??? :-)