Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Changes are coming.

The communication in my company is both slow and impersonal. Our "boss" is actually in our New York office and I've never even met him. I think my co-worker has met him once face-to-face. This morning we got an e-mail from them stating that at the end of January they are closing our office and we'll get a paycheck through February 15th. Basically I have 1 month to find a new job.


You know, I have a gravy job. I get paid most of the time to play on the internet. Of course that's probably part of the reason why they're closing our office - not enough business to keep it open. It's going to stink though...I can get here whatever time I want, usually around 8:30ish and we leave at 4 every day. Some days when we're bored we leave around 3. It's gravy....if I needed a day off one day it was no big deal. It just I'm going to have to go work somewhere that is going to expect me to be there at a set time and not let me leave until a set time....I'll have to ask and schedule a day off in advance....doctors appointments will be a headache....ugh. I dislike this.

Oh well. I'll find something; and I have some time to do it. I'm not too worried; but the losing my cool job where I get to do stuff like blog or play online all that hurts.


Laurie said...

that stinks =o( I hope you'll still have time to blog!! I'll still need my Brandi fix!!! Good luck, I'll be thinking and praying something opens up for you.

TammyB said...

That does suck =( Hopefully you can find something soon - and allows some "freedom" during the day ;)

{S} said...

oh, bummer! I'm sorry. Surprised you didn't mention the radio contests. :~) Something else is out there for you.