Sunday, January 13, 2008

Uh-oh Romo

Ah, what does he care? Tony Romo is rolling in the dough and now he can sit back and spend some more of it on his little blond girlfriend because his season is done. I had a bit of a chuckle today. My Dad is a hard-core Cowboys fan. I am not. Well, mostly I am not a Jerry Jones fan, therefore I cannot root for his team. Don't ask me to give you a valid or reasonable explanation as to why I do not like Jerry Jones. I like to chalk it up to a negative aura. There's just something about that guy that rubs me the wrong way and I've never liked him. Until he's gone from Dallas, I cannot in good conscience root for the Cowboys.

You know as soon as Romo threw the last pass of the game directly into the hands of the opposing team in the middle of the end zone I called my Dad and asked if he had seen that perfect pass and catch Romo just threw? "He threw it right to the guy, Dad! It was beautiful. Did you see it??" Dad just laughs; it's one of the fun things we do. He always calls to taunt me when the Cowboys score, and I call to taunt him when they do something stupid. It's healthy, fun father-daughter bonding.

My question after the game was this: you think Eli Manning ran to the locker room to call his big brother and rub it in that he's still in the play-offs and Peyton is not? I know I would have!!


Jenn said...

That is too funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog to leave a comment! We were bummed that Indy lost but are estatic about the Giants!

Sherri said...

Glad you and your dad can tease each other about the Cowboys. You had a LOT to tease him about after that pathetic game!!
Yep, I started my blog in Dec. I like having one place to put my layouts and stuff them just post the link on forums, etc. to share.

Suzanne said...

hehe, my hubby is a hard core cowboys fan as well and he was not happy about the outcome of that game.

I also wanted to give a big "thank you" for stopping by my blog and leaving such wonderful comments! Nice to meet ya and come back anytime! Take care