Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lazy Saturdays

Isn't it great when you can sleep in,enjoy a nice breakfast with your husband, and take comfort in the fact that you actually don't have a single thing you have to be somewhere for today?? With Christmas being so busy and my birthday last weekend, it was genuinely a nice change of pace to know that today I didn't have to go anywhere. Tomorrow we have the option of going to a birthday party for one of Nick's cousins, but other than that this weekend is all about relaxing. That's definitely a welcome change of pace.

Next weekend we have to go out of town for my niece's first birthday party. I can't believe she's about to be 1 year old!! Where does the time go?? It's amazing how quickly life passes by. She's walking and saying a few words.....pretty soon she'll be speaking in complete sentences and I'll wonder where that tiny little baby went. My Dad's birthday is the day before Kylie's. I suppose he'll hav eto get used to the fact that we probably won't hold birthday dinners/parties for Grandpa anymore....he'll just get presents when we all gather together to celebrate Kylie's. I'm quite sure Grandpa probably doesn't mind.

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