Friday, January 11, 2008

Anonymous was here.

Anonymous decided to leave a comment on my last blog. Does Anonymous ever stop by to visit your blog? I find it amusing that Anonymous would leave such a very angry comment about something I said and choose to call themselves Anonymous, thereby rendering any point they might have had useless. Really people. It's my blog, and if you disagree with my thoughts and opinions that is fine. That's the great thing about this country - you are granted the right to post your comment just as I am granted the right to post my opinion. Just don't call yourself Anonymous because that makes you seem like a coward. Since you chose not to leave a name I chose not to publish your comment. You can disagree. I don't mind.

I don't even feel like I should respond to Anonymous but part of me kind of wants to, so I will say this. Anonymous was angry that I would "blithely dismiss a candidate because she is a woman" or something pretty close to that. Anonymous seems to be under the impression that I don't support women in their endeavors. The women I am not supporting in the previous post is those who run for President. I hate to disappoint but I just don't think it's a woman's place to be running the country. Call me old-fashioned, call me narrow-minded....but for me I feel like my President should be someone who makes me feel protected and safe. I want to have a feeling of trust and security from my President and I just don't get that feeling from a woman. Maybe I like to be the damsel in distress. I just prefer to have a male leading the country and I will probably always feel that way.

I also think men should open car doors, bring his lady flowers, sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door, walk behind a woman in the restaurant to their table, walk ahead of her going down the stairs and in front of her going up them, and be ready on a moments notice to give her his coat should she be cold. I prefer a man's man....especially if he's in charge.

Shame on me.

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VexedAngel said...

Whoa. Well, I won't even delve into all the politics (I won't be voting for Hilary, but it's mostly because I know a lot of the country feels the way you do, and it's more important to me to get a dem in the WH than a woman right now)--okay, I just delved. ROFL

ANYWAY--thanks for your comment on my blog and have fun at Curves!!! :-) I should keep track of my measurements, too.