Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I want a new dryer.

My friend Jamie just got a new dryer. Unfortunately for her, she had to buy one because her current dryer died. Hers was a neccesity purchase and those are not always as enjoyable as the "just because" purchases. She wrote a really detailed blog about her dryer-buying experience, and I posted a long rambling comment which I'm going to use here because I realized about half-way through that my comment had the makings of a blog of its own.

Jamie and her sweetie Ashley definitely took the time to make an informed decision. I wish I could say that I am the same way, but I fear that if I needed a new dryer I’d head out the door and find the best deal on what I assumed would be a pretty good dryer. It's just the way I operate. When I've made up my mind to go buy something, you can pretty much guarantee that I'm going to own that item within a couple of days. I don't like to shop around. I don't really dig price comparisons. I know enough about the places I shop to know where I need to go to get something on sale or who has a coupon I can print/clip to use. Patience is not my forte.

I’d like to say that I’m happy with my current dryer, but given that it’s probably getting close to being in its senior year of college I am not all that in love with it. I inherited said dryer during my parent's Divorce ‘98…wow, so it might already be old enough to have started a family by now. Good grief. However the only thing I’ve ever had to do to the thing is buy a new belt, and it still dries clothes the same as it always has. I’m going to assume it’s no where near “energy efficient” since that has only become a popular concern in the past year.

Basically I want a new dryer because the one I have is ugly and outdated. Is that a valid reason? Probably not. But it's a reason nonetheless. Shortly before Nick and I got married we pooled our money and bought a new washing machine. The one I was using (also from Divorce '98) died, as far as I can remember. I was having to walk over to my apartment complex laundromat to wash clothes, then bring them back to my apartment wet to put them in the dryer. Ugh. Since we were getting married in a few months, Nick and I split the cost of a new washer. I couldn't afford it on my own. I was not happy about only being able to buy one and not both appliances. For me, a washer and dryer are a pair. They sit right next to each other in the laundry room and in my warped mind it just makes sense that the 2 should match. It's more aesthetically pleasing.

I've been forced to live with my white washer/beige-cream dryer now for several years. The dryer has dents, it has scratches, it has seen better days. I think the poor thing has lived in at least 6 houses. The temperature knob fell off a long time ago, so the only setting you can use to dry things is Permanent Press. Poor little dryer.

Oh well....I suppose until the day it gives up and dries its last towel I will live. At least I have a dryer, right?

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{S} said...

One year ago we bought a new set because we decided to leave our Neptune set with our son. I researched a lot and got a great deal on a pair of pacific blue front loaders made by Kenmore Elite. I've had some balance issues with the washer but other than that no other problem and I LOVE how great our clothes look, smell and feel. never used to dry my favorite shirts in fear of them getting heat damage etc, now I never worry about it.
If you can afford a new one, and your friend is right about the clearance section I would go for it because you'd probably see a difference in your electric bill and get a rebate as well! we did! big time!