Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

We rang in the new year tonight at Nick's uncle's house. Most of the night was spent playing Guitar Hero or dominoes. We had fun - low-key, nothing fancy. I do feel bad that we didn't even realize it was midnight. Wendy and I were playing Guitar Hero when John walked in the living room to wish everyone a happy new year. Nick came over and kissed me on top of the head because I was in the middle of a song and couldn't stop.

So I'm probably supposed to make some resolutions or something. *sigh* Those never seem to work, do they? I could say all kinds of things that I plan to do this year, and it's nice to set goals for yourself, but I think calling them resolutions means that I probably won't stick to them beyond a month or two before they fizzle out. So I'll just say that this year I'm going to set some goals for myself and hope that I can achieve them.

I will be 30 in 5 days. That's a milestone, right? It is kind of scary to realize that I'm approaching an age where my life could be half-way over. Sure, lots of people live passed 60 and I hope that I'm fortunate for that, and of course any of us could already be near the ends of our lives because we're not guaranteed tomorrow.......and yes, I know that 30 is young. I guess since I'm now going to have to say that I'm 30 it just sounds old to me. I'm pretty happy with my life, but there still seems to be so many things that I need to accomplish and so many things that I should have done in my 20s. I don't even have kids yet....not my first, not even close. I don't want to be one of those ladies who waits until they are 40 for their first baby.

Maybe I just need to go to bed. It's after 2 AM and I think I'm starting to ramble. Happy New Year!

How long will I keep writing 2007 I wonder?

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{S} said...

Happy New Year Brandi!!

Goal are great. Resolutions, not so great. LOL! I set goals for myself. It's all good. :~)

30 will be a fabulous age. Just you wait. I think you will like it.