Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol Blog #2 - The Girls

Sherri, I'm getting there..give me a chance to get the girls blog posted. : )

So the girls really let us down last night. I'm not even going to try to sugar-coat it - it was bad. Amanda Overmeyer butchered what is normally a great Kansas song...I love to play it on Guitar Hero. Her performance was just horrible...and like Simon, I couldn't wait for it to be over. has picked her as this week's girl to vote for. Eh. Kady Malloy also had a train-wreck of a couldn't even hear her voice over the bass guitar, although I have a sneaking suspicion it wouldn't have mattered. Terrible. She looks so angry when she's not smiling. Asia'h finished the night with what could havebeen a big big song, but instead it was a big big mess. I guess the last few notes were ok, but really, I prefer for the whole song to song good, not just a few seconds at the end.

I guess my favorite performance of the night was Brooke. She was the only girl to bust out an instrument, which she played well, but she made a huge mistake by telling us she's a beauty school drop-out. She went to beauty school?? Perhaps she could explain then what is wrong with her hair. It's always a huge rat's nest of blond wanna-be curls. She seriously needs a trim and some shape to that mess. Maybe it would have turned out better if she finished beauty school. Alaina did an ok job with Hopelessly Devoted, but it's was so wedding0singer like that I just can't give her a thumbs up. Besides, last week she said "Look at these ones." and that means I can never ever ever vote for her. Grammar is important.

Andrea wore some of Chikezie's shorts on stage, which distracted me from her performance, but it was decent. I voted for her some. Kristy Lee Cook did well too, but she's on my black list so it doesn't matter. Ramiele wore her hair the same as she always does when she performs so I was completely annoyed. Seriously, it's not 1982. I actually kind of liked Syesha's performance, although the Amy Winehouse version of Me & Mr. Jones would have been more fitting for her voice. Carly sang Crazy on You and it was probably a great performance, but I only caught the last 2 seconds of it and I can't stand her anyway, so like Kristy Lee Cook her performance is of no use to me.

I know they keep saying this is "the most talented group of contestants ever" but somehow I'm just not seeing it.


Sherri said...

Ok, ok, I realized after I posted that you probably just hadn't gotten to it yet. I liked Kyesha and she's my top, but Brooke is growing on me. I really liked her last night. None of them were very great, and I thought overall the guys were better. I really didn't like Amanda's version and her hair, oh my. I kinda like Kristi Cook if I wasn't against her in general. The hair on the young asian girl, oh my! Alexandera pulled off a pretty decent job. Song choices were all really weird!

Sherri said...

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