Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol Blog #1

Last season I was all about the American Idol blog. I will continue my thoughts and opinions but I can't say that I'm planning on being as enamored with this season as last. Part of my distaste has to do with the amount of discovered talent taking the places of undiscovered. You read that blog i'm sure, so I'll not go there again.
Let me begin by saying that I am so glad I am not the only person in the USA that can't stand David Archuletta!! I was so pleased this morning while driving to work to hear Kelly Rasberry proclaim her dislike of him as well! That makes 2 of us and it's nice to know I am not alone. Like I told my husband last night, I am not disputing his ability to sing. Sure, he's got a nice voice, even though his habit of taking gulping, raspy breaths is very annoying. I am sick and tired of being force-fed him though. We've heard his little stories about his paralyzed vocal chord one too many's just as annoying as how much they are pushing that stupid Irish chick on us. I promise you, the producers are hoping that Carly and David are the Final 2 and if you doubt that then you obviously don't pay attention. They've had more camera time than Ryan Seacrest so far.
Last week I didn't get to watch the guys perform. We were at the Barry Manilow concert and although we taped it, I never got around to watching the show. Once I knew who went home I lost interest. So this week was my first exposure to some of those guys, since the producers couldn't find time to fit in their first auditions probably due to the amount of story-telling they were doing with Carly Smithson. Anyway, I can't say that I was totally blown away.
Who creates the list of songs to sing? Geez, the 70's were full of great music, and we got a whole lot of boring bleh last night.
I dislike Michael Johns, I guess because of the things I read about him before the show started. He never stood much of a chance with me. I like his accent, but that's not going to be enough to make me vote for him. Jason Castro, in all his dread-lock glory, was ok. Not great, but ok. I wonder what he looks like without dreads. Luke Menard gave a horribly cheesy performance, but I knew that would happen the moment he admitted he sings in an a cappella group. Nothing wrong with a cappella groups, but if you've ever seen them perform you'd know that they're horribly theatrical/cheesy/over-the-top because they have to's just a bunch of guys standing around on stage. What I mostly couldn't get over was how much this dude looks like Orlando Bloom!! Seriously, they could be brothers. If for no other reason he should stick around so the little girls can look at him.
Poor Robbie-wannabe-rocker just isn't going to do well. I don't think he'll stick around a whole lot longer. Nothing wrong with him...actually if you listen to his band's MySpace page (they're called Missing Picket) they're pretty decent. I just don't think this guy is AI material. It's mostly due to the fact that he either needs to cut his nasty hair or condition it. DannyGirl was um, well, horribly boring. I kind of think he should be singing on girl's night, but that's probably not a nice thing to say. He'll stick around a little while because is backing him.
I think someone needs to tell David Hernandez that N*Sync broke up and the Backstreet Boys aren't doing very well anymore because he's seriously trying to get a spot in a boy band. He can sing on key though, so I'll try to be nice, but seriously.....ease up dude. Jason Yeager was next and he was horrible......horrible....horrible. His performance was way too hotel/cruise ship and I was nauseated by the end of it. Ick. He's also not near cool enough to pull off that ridiculous hair cut.
Chikezie did well if you like that sort of music. It's not my cup of tea, but the dude can sing. I am almost a little bit sorry I missed his brightly colored Michael Irvin special suit last week, just for the opportunity to make fun of it. Oh well. Theres always next week because i'm sure he's not going anywhere. He was followed by David Cook, who might be an ok singer and might be cool enough to play the electric guitar, but his hair grosses me out. I'm not sure if it's really just that greasy or if he is so old that he's get a majorly bad receding hairline (I am thinking it's the latter) but he doesn't have the right hair to pull that off. It's too thin so what we're left to look at is badly colored orange hair sticking to his head which makes me want to throw shampoo onto my TV screen. Ew.
Last was little David Archuletta, who I'm going to have to think of a nickname for. Ugh. I'm already so tired of his "oh wow, am I really that good? Gee golly thanks guys! I can't believe you think I can sing!" routine. It's such a stupid act...and could his mother BE any more of a stage mom?? Dude. I did think Paula's comment about dangling his severed head from her rearview mirror was amusing, but probably not in a cute way. Sadly he will not be going anywhere for quite some time. Stupid 12 year old girls and Moms.
I hope the girls do better tonight....although last week left me with little hope.

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Sherri said...

What, no comments about the gals?! They weren't much better, that's for sure! I wasn't overly impressed. I only like two of the guys! I'm with you on David A. He annoys me but he will be around a long time. He can sing, but he just, I don't know, too baby face. I like David H though and Michael Johns.