Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Count down to Van Halen!

In 6 days we are heading back to the AAC to see Van Halen in concert. It's a far cry from the Barry Manilow show we just went to, don't you think? Ha! We love concerts. In fact, just yesterday morning I purchased my 31st birthday present - Celine Dion tickets!! She's coming to Dallas on January 5, 2009 and for some reason the tickets went on sale yesterday morning. I wanted to go ahead and buy them in case they sold out between now and then. I was fortunate enough to see her the last time she was in Dallas, about 9 years ago. That was at Reunion Arena..probably the last time I've been there. Nick's mother asked him a couple of weeks ago if he wanted to go see The Police in April as a birthday gift...um, heck yeah!! I don't know if she bought the tickets or not, but if so that will be really awesome. It's been a concert kind of year so far.

I found a black dress for the wedding. I actually found 2...so I bought them both. I'm going to have a little fashion show and see which one Nick likes best, and then I'll return the other. I already know which one I like the best so it might not matter which one he likes, but I'm still going to listen to his input. I'm just glad I was able to find something; it was getting down to crunch time and I was getting a little worried that I might be running to every mall in Fort Worth this week to find a dress.

This coming weekend Nick is planning on playing golf with a buddy - which means I have the house to myself and I can do some scrapbooking. I'm so glad - it's been a little while since I got to create anything and I was starting to have withdrawals. Besides, I'm on a self-imposed spending freeze and I have to complete 75 lay-outs before I can buy any new scrpabook supplies. So far I've only done 10. I need o get busy!!


Laurie said...

WOW you really are a concert lover!! sounds like we have similar music taste too!! VH!?!?!? man I love them and would love to see them playing with Wolfie!!

{S} said...

VH was great when we saw them in November. You'll enjoy yourself. I was very impressed with Wolfgang. Not so much with Dave... I'm a bigger Van 'Hagar' fan than a Roth fan, although he put on a decent show. Sammy is just way more fun and a better singer imo. You know we met Eddie right?! August of 04, I have his guitar pick. He handed it to me because he couldn't sign my pregnant belly from the stage. LOL!! Cool!

Jen Hoover said...

cool you have an AAC we have the ACC! ;) have fun! :)