Monday, February 18, 2008


I started my new job today. Basically it's the same job I was doing, literally down the hall from my old job location, just with a different company. This office has one more person in it than my other office...which means that there are 3 of us now, LOL. I like the people, although my boss is a little bit of a perfectionist. It's not a huge problem; I just want to know how she wants things done so I can do them right the first time and not have to redo stuff for her. The main complaint I have about this job is the hours...I don't have to be there until 8:30, which is great, but I have to stay until 5:30. UGH. An 8 hour work shift! What has this world come to???? I was sooo spoiled at my 5-6 hour days at the other job. I know, I know, I shouldn't complain...but since it's my blog I am allowed.

I worked out at Curves today after work. That's part of the reason I don't like staying until 5:30. By the time I get to my Curves from the office it's 6. I then have to change clothes and work out, so by the time I get home from that it's nearly 6:45. I don't like getting home that late! My only other option is to get up at 5 to go to Curves in the morning, and I seriously don't see that happening.

By the way, my 30 day weigh/measure came up last week, and while I have not lost any weight, I have lost 8 inches!! I'm gaining muscle, so I'm not worried about the number on the scale. My body is looking better, and that's all that matters.
Surely the weight will start dropping eventually though, right?


TammyB said...

Congrats on the 8 inches lost!

Laurie said...

WOO HOO!!!! girl you are doing awesome with the workouts!!! Keep it up!! I'm with you thou I wouldn't like getting home so late, maybe up you can try getting up for a few days and see how it goes??

Sherri said...

hope the job is great. 8 hours a day, we all do it, join the crowd!!
Way to go on curves and losing weight. Stick with it!!

fuzzywhitedogs said...

You've lost 8 inches already?? That's FANTASTIC! I sooo need to do that but I just can't seem to get going on it.

Now you'll have to go out & buy yourself something cute to show off the new muscles! :-)

VexedAngel said...

Congrats on the 8 inches!

Sorry, you won't get sympathy on the 8:30 - 6:45 bit. LOL But I can completely understand how difficult it is to go from 5-6 hours days to that!!

whirligigdaisy said...

8 inches? Wow! Way to go.