Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Daily Grievances

I have 2 major complaints today.
Oh, well before I get into those I should tell you that my sweet husband did well this Valentine's Day. When I came into the office this morning I had a cute card waiting for me on my keyboard. This evening after we went to dinner at Applebee's, he gave me 2 new Pandora charms for my bracelet. He picked them out himself but he got 2 charms that I had on my wish list, which he hasn't seen. I think he did well.

Ok, back to my complaints. The first is political and the second is seasonal. Let's get the political one over with.

Perhaps you've seen the new political TV ad for Obama. Yes, they've started already. Ugh. How annoying. Anyway, he's sitting in a chair in front of a pretty window with white walls and I suppose it's supposed to give us an idea of what he'd look like sitting in the White House. At least that's the basic idea I got from the setting. So he rambles on about healthcare for 30 seconds, maybe 60, however long it is...and at the end of the ad he says "I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message."

Well, DUH. Of course you approve the message Barack...the words are coming out of your mouth. I could see how you might need to tack that on the end of an ad that you're not actually voicing yourself...but to say that you approve the words you just spoke is kind of stupid, isn't it? That's grievance #1 for today.

The other grievance comes from the assault I experienced as I tried to exit and re-enter Macy's today. Apparently Valentine's Day means that you must over-staff the perfume department so that not a single customer, male or female, can make a clean exit or entrance into your store. As if putting the big tacky perfume displays right in the doorway isn't enough, all these over-eager chicks in black smocks felt the need to stick little perfume-sprayed cards right in my face and one of them even sprayed some directly on my arm. She proceeded to show me her special package set today and the tacky heart necklace that was the gift-with-purchase. Then she asked if I wanted her to wrap one up for me? I'm not sure if I just look like someone who had to buy their own Valentine's gift or if she wastes her sales pitch on everyone, but I was slightly offended that she assumed I needed to buy $70 perfume for myself instead of having a man to buy it for me.

These chicks were aggressive today. Normally I just keep walking and ignore them when they ask if I'd like to smell whatever celebrity fragrance has come out that week because usually they ask from behind some display counter or at the very least from within their little carpeted area. Not today. Today they were right out there in the middle of the walkway; my only path to the exit..."Try this! It's new!" "This is my best seller!" (Every perfume was their best seller, by the way.) Someone should have explained to them that they needed to focus their efforts on all the men wondering around aimlessly who were trying to figure out what to buy their sweetheart before they took her out to eat tonight. That's your target consumer on Valentine's Day. Not me.

Besides, I am married to a perfume fuddy-duddy; he doesn't like fact, he told me tonight that I should just rub my shampoo and conditioner on myself if I want to smell good because he loves the way that smells. A bottle of Pantene is a lot cheaper than whatever new fragrance Giovanni just came out with, I can tell you that for sure. I can even use a coupon for Pantene!


Ashley said...

I like the observation about the Obama ad. So true. And funny, when you put it that way. I'm surprised I didn't pick up on the ridiculousness myself when I watched it. I'm pretty critical of stupid commercials and shows. Just ask Jamie. (I think she gets tired of it.) But really, why don't people think before they put something on the air?

{S} said...

ROFLOL!! you always crack me up chick! ahhhh.....
I love perfume when it is soft and clean smelling any other will give me an instant headache. I stay away from malls. Always.
You guys are next for the "Super Tuesday" I record everything I watch so I can skip the ads. ;~)

Jen Hoover said...

Shannon took the words right out of my mouth! only the laughing is causing fits of coughing! :P